Unfiltered: Candid Thoughts from Filipinos on Rodrigo Duterte’s Leadership

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Unfiltered: Candid Thoughts from Filipinos on Rodrigo Duterte’s Leadership

In this article, we will delve into the unfiltered and candid thoughts of Filipinos on Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership. We will explore the various opinions, perspectives, and sentiments surrounding his governance, policies, and decisions. Through interviews, surveys, and social media posts, we will provide an in-depth analysis of how the Filipino people perceive their president.

The Rise of Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte, also known as “Digong” or “Duterte Harry,” was elected as the 16th President of the Philippines in May 2016. His presidency marked a significant shift in Philippine politics, characterized by his tough stance on crime and corruption. Duterte’s unconventional leadership style and controversial statements have garnered both praise and criticism from the public.

Duterte’s War on Drugs

One of the defining aspects of Duterte’s presidency is his relentless war on drugs. Since assuming office, thousands of suspected drug offenders have been killed in police operations, raising concerns about human rights violations and extrajudicial killings. While some applaud Duterte’s efforts to eradicate the drug problem, others condemn the violence and lack of due process.

Filipino Voices on Duterte’s Leadership

Support for Duterte

Many Filipinos express support for Duterte due to his strongman image and his promises to bring about law and order in the country. They believe that his tough stance on crime is necessary to combat the drug epidemic and improve public safety. Supporters admire Duterte’s no-nonsense approach to governance and his willingness to challenge traditional political norms.

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Criticism of Duterte

However, there is also a growing segment of the population that is critical of Duterte’s leadership. Critics point to his authoritarian tendencies, vulgar language, and disregard for human rights as major concerns. They argue that Duterte’s aggressive tactics have led to a culture of fear and impunity, undermining democratic values and institutional integrity.


1. Is Duterte’s war on drugs effective?

  • While some statistics show a decrease in drug-related crime, critics argue that the high death toll and human rights abuses outweigh any potential benefits.

2. How do international human rights organizations view Duterte’s presidency?

  • Organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have condemned Duterte’s approach to the drug war and called for accountability for human rights violations.

3. How has Duterte’s leadership impacted the Philippine economy?

  • Duterte’s economic policies have been a mixed bag, with some sectors experiencing growth while others struggle with inflation and unemployment.

4. What is the public perception of Duterte’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Opinion is divided on Duterte’s pandemic response, with some praising his efforts to contain the virus while others criticize the government’s handling of the crisis.

5. What are Duterte’s views on foreign policy and international relations?

  • Duterte’s foreign policy has been marked by a pivot towards China and away from traditional allies like the United States, raising questions about the Philippines’ strategic position in the region.


In conclusion, the Filipino people’s perspectives on Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership are diverse and nuanced. While some view him as a decisive and strong leader who is taking bold steps to address pressing issues, others see him as a divisive and authoritarian figure whose policies have led to human rights abuses and political turmoil. As Duterte’s presidency continues to unfold, it is essential to listen to and respect the unfiltered and candid thoughts of the Filipino people as they navigate the complexities of governance and democracy.