The Untold Story: BTS’s Journey to Losing Their V-Cards

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The Untold Story: BTS’s Journey to Losing Their V-Cards


BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a globally recognized South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm with their music and performances. While fans know a lot about their professional lives, there are still many untold stories about the members’ personal lives. One such story is the journey of BTS members towards losing their V-Cards.

What is a V-Card?

Before we delve into BTS’s journey, let’s first understand what a V-Card is. A V-Card is a slang term used to refer to virginity, specifically someone’s virginity. It is often associated with someone who has not yet engaged in sexual intercourse.

BTS’s Journey


Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has always been private about his personal life. While there have been rumors and speculations about his relationships, he has never confirmed or denied any of them. Fans speculate that Jungkook may have lost his V-Card at a young age due to his outgoing and confident personality.


Jimin, known for his sweet and caring nature, is also quite secretive about his personal life. There have been rumors linking him to various celebrities, but nothing has been confirmed. Fans believe that Jimin is waiting for the right person to share that special moment with.


V, with his charming smile and deep voice, has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Despite being comfortable on stage, V is known for being reserved in his personal life. Fans speculate that V may have lost his V-Card during his trainee days before debuting with BTS.

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Suga, known for his introspective lyrics and laid-back personality, is another member of BTS who keeps his personal life private. Fans believe that Suga is focused on his music career and may not have prioritized relationships that could lead to losing his V-Card.


RM, the leader of BTS, is known for his intelligence and charisma. RM has been open about his struggles and experiences, but he remains tight-lipped about his romantic life. Fans theorize that RM may have lost his V-Card during his pre-debut days while juggling his passion for music.


Jin, the eldest member of BTS, is known for his visual appeal and humor. Jin has been linked to various celebrities over the years, but he has never confirmed any of these rumors. Fans speculate that Jin may have a more traditional view on relationships and may have chosen to wait for the right person.


J-Hope, known for his energetic performances and positive attitude, is another member of BTS who keeps his personal life private. J-Hope’s focus on his music and career has led fans to believe that he may not have prioritized relationships that could lead to losing his V-Card.


1. How do fans know about BTS’s personal lives?

Fans gather information about BTS’s personal lives through interviews, social media posts, and interactions with fans.

2. Has BTS ever talked about their V-Cards?

BTS has never publicly discussed their V-Cards or personal relationships.

3. Do the members of BTS have restrictions on dating?

While there are no official restrictions on dating, BTS members are often busy with their music careers, making it challenging to pursue romantic relationships.

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4. How does BTS maintain their privacy?

BTS maintains their privacy by being selective about what they share with the public and keeping personal matters private.

5. Are there any official statements from BTS about their personal lives?

BTS often avoids discussing their personal lives in interviews and press conferences, choosing to focus on their music and performances instead.


The journey of BTS towards losing their V-Cards remains an untold story that fans speculate about. As the members continue to focus on their music careers and strive for success, their personal lives remain a mystery. Despite the rumors and speculations, BTS has managed to keep their privacy intact and let their music speak for itself.