The Force Awakens: The Craziest Star Wars Film Theories of All Time

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The Force Awakens: Exploring the Craziest Star Wars Film Theories of All Time

In a galaxy far, far away, fans of the Star Wars saga have come up with some truly mind-boggling theories about the films. From hidden messages in the opening crawl to wild speculations about the true identity of certain characters, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to dissecting the Star Wars universe. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the craziest and most intriguing theories that fans have come up with regarding The Force Awakens, the much-anticipated seventh installment in the iconic franchise. Let’s explore the galaxy of possibilities and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The Jar Jar Binks Sith Lord Theory

One of the most infamous and controversial theories to emerge from The Force Awakens is the idea that Jar Jar Binks, the bumbling Gungan from the prequel trilogy, was actually a Sith Lord in disguise. This theory gained traction after fans noticed a number of supposedly sinister details about Jar Jar’s behavior and mannerisms in The Phantom Menace. From his seemingly impossible acrobatic skills to his ability to influence the minds of others, many believe that Jar Jar was secretly pulling the strings behind the scenes all along.

Rey’s True Parentage

Another hotly debated theory surrounding The Force Awakens revolves around the question of Rey’s parentage. Throughout the film, the mysterious origins of the young scavenger are a major point of contention among fans. While some believe that Rey is a Skywalker by blood, others have put forth more outlandish ideas, such as her being a clone of Emperor Palpatine or even the daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. The truth behind Rey’s parentage remains one of the biggest mysteries in the Star Wars universe.

The Snoke Identity Theory

Supreme Leader Snoke, the enigmatic villain who emerges as the new threat in The Force Awakens, has sparked countless theories about his true identity. Some believe that he is a surviving Sith Lord from the original trilogy, while others speculate that he could be a brand new character altogether. One popular theory suggests that Snoke is actually Darth Plagueis, the Sith Lord mentioned by Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith. The truth behind Snoke’s identity may hold the key to the future of the Star Wars saga.

The Time Travel Theory

A particularly out-there theory that has gained traction among fans is the idea of time travel in the Star Wars universe. Some believe that certain characters, such as Rey or Kylo Ren, could possess the ability to manipulate time itself, which would explain some of the more mysterious elements of the series. While time travel has never been explicitly mentioned in Star Wars canon, the idea of bending the fabric of time and space is definitely an intriguing concept for fans to ponder.

The Multiverse Theory

Building on the idea of time travel, some fans have proposed a multiverse theory in the Star Wars universe. According to this theory, there could be countless parallel dimensions where different events in the saga play out in unique ways. This would allow for infinite possibilities and variations on the familiar Star Wars story, opening up a whole new world of storytelling potential for the franchise.

The Grey Jedi Theory

The concept of the Grey Jedi, Force users who walk the line between the light and dark sides of the Force, has been a popular topic of speculation among Star Wars fans. Some believe that characters like Rey or Finn could be destined to become Grey Jedi, bringing balance to the Force in a way that is neither strictly light nor dark. This theory challenges the traditional dichotomy of Jedi and Sith, offering a more nuanced and complex view of the Force and those who wield it.

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The Force Ghost Theory

One theory that has gained considerable traction in the Star Wars community is the idea of Force ghosts playing a larger role in the saga. In the original trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda appear as Force spirits after their physical deaths, offering guidance and wisdom to the living. Some fans speculate that Force ghosts could play a key role in The Force Awakens and future films, potentially appearing to help or hinder the heroes in their struggles against the dark side.

The Chosen One Theory

Finally, a theory that has lingered since the prequel trilogy is the concept of the Chosen One, a prophesied individual who will bring balance to the Force. While Anakin Skywalker was believed to be the Chosen One who would fulfill the prophecy, some fans argue that the true Chosen One has yet to emerge. Could Rey, Finn, or another character in The Force Awakens be the one destined to bring balance to the Force and restore peace to the galaxy?


  • Q: Are these theories officially confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney?
    A: No, these theories are purely speculative and have not been confirmed by the creators of the Star Wars franchise.

  • Q: What impact could these theories have on future Star Wars films?
    A: While fan theories can be entertaining to discuss, they are not always reflected in the official canon of the Star Wars universe.

  • Q: How do fan theories influence the way we interpret Star Wars movies?
    A: Fan theories can add layers of complexity and intrigue to the Star Wars saga, sparking new discussions and interpretations among viewers.

  • Q: Do the actors or filmmakers behind Star Wars pay attention to fan theories?
    A: Some actors and filmmakers are aware of fan theories and may even incorporate certain ideas into their work, but ultimately, the creative direction of the franchise is determined by the official storytelling team.

  • Q: Are there any Easter eggs or hidden clues in The Force Awakens that hint at these theories?
    A: Some fans believe that there are subtle hints and clues in the film that support certain theories, but these interpretations are open to debate and speculation.

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In the vast and sprawling universe of Star Wars, fan theories provide a way for enthusiasts to engage with the stories and characters on a deeper level. Whether they involve time travel, alternate dimensions, or hidden secrets, these theories offer a glimpse into the boundless imagination of fans who are passionate about the galaxy far, far away. While the truth behind these theories may never be fully revealed, the thrill of speculation and debate continues to fuel the excitement and intrigue of the Star Wars saga. So, as we eagerly await the next chapter in the epic tale, let’s keep the spirit of exploration and discovery alive, and may the Force be with us all.