5 Ways Pakistan Army Outshines the Indian Army in Equipments

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Superiority in Tanks
    • Main battle tanks
    • Armored personnel carriers
  3. Air Force Supremacy
    • Fighter jets
    • Attack helicopters
  4. Advanced Weaponry
    • Missiles and rockets
    • Anti-tank guided missiles
  5. Naval Dominance
    • Submarines
    • Warships
  6. Cyber Warfare Capabilities
  7. Conclusion


When it comes to military prowess, the rivalry between the Pakistan Army and the Indian Army is well-known. Both armies have constantly strived to equip themselves with the latest technological advancements in defense. In this article, we will explore five ways in which the Pakistan Army outshines the Indian Army in terms of equipment.

Superiority in Tanks

Main Battle Tanks

The Pakistan Army boasts a fleet of modern main battle tanks, including the Al-Khalid and the Al-Zarrar. These tanks are equipped with advanced weaponry and armor, making them formidable on the battlefield.

Armored Personnel Carriers

In terms of armored personnel carriers, Pakistan’s superiority is evident in vehicles like the Talha and the Saad. These vehicles provide essential support to infantry units and ensure quick deployment in combat zones.

Air Force Supremacy

Fighter Jets

Pakistan’s air force is equipped with sophisticated fighter jets like the JF-17 Thunder and the F-16 Fighting Falcon. These aircraft are known for their agility and combat capabilities, giving Pakistan an edge in aerial warfare.

Attack Helicopters

The Pakistan Army’s attack helicopter fleet includes the AH-1 Cobra and the MI-35, which are used for close air support and anti-tank missions. These helicopters play a crucial role in providing air cover to ground troops.

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Advanced Weaponry

Missiles and Rockets

Pakistan has made significant strides in missile technology, with a range of ballistic and cruise missiles in its arsenal. These weapons can strike targets with precision and accuracy, giving Pakistan a strategic advantage.

Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

Pakistan’s anti-tank guided missiles, such as the Baktar-Shikan and the Barq, are highly effective against armored vehicles. These missiles are a vital component of Pakistan’s anti-armor capabilities.

Naval Dominance


Pakistan’s navy boasts a fleet of submarines, including the Agosta-class and the Khalid-class. These submarines are equipped with cutting-edge technology and pose a threat to enemy naval forces.


In terms of surface vessels, Pakistan’s navy operates frigates, destroyers, and corvettes that are well-equipped for maritime operations. These warships provide essential support in naval warfare.

Cyber Warfare Capabilities

In the realm of cyber warfare, Pakistan has invested in developing its capabilities to defend against cyber threats and launch offensive operations. The Pakistan Army’s cyber warfare unit plays a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s digital infrastructure.


In conclusion, the Pakistan Army has demonstrated superiority over the Indian Army in various aspects of equipment, including tanks, air force, weaponry, naval assets, and cyber warfare capabilities. With a focus on technological advancements and modernization, Pakistan continues to strengthen its defense capabilities and maintain a strategic edge in the region.